Take a walk down Crystal Avenue

"It's a 14 track story of what was going through my head over the course of two years, and it explores a conclusion that is inescapable for some."  - aNGELO mOTA

Angelo Mota is back and is taking you on a journey on Crystal Avenue with his new EP. The Jersey based artist hits the streams with his sophomore album featuring production from Odd Couple, Skyodi, Mister Arcade, Suprchnk, Good Food and more.  The 14 track tape shows off a new speed for the spitfire lyricist. He leaves his wrapped puns at the waist side this time around as he tackles issues like love, hate, life and death. (Listen to Another Night all the way to the last song on the tape, listen to everything he says) 

In addition to the album he is releasing a 4-part video series produced and directed by Nicolas Jandora.  Check out the first installment with the video for his title track Crystal Avenue. Check it out below AND COP THE ALBUM!