The West LA native comes out with his second release under Peace Life. The heavily rhythmic 7 track tape features Yump’s effortless flow along with an overall feel good tone. The play on Field Trip is his effort to take his listener on a journey of vibrant colors and seldom visited views on life and experiences. While he has his own idea of what Feel Triiip means he notes it’s a journey to evoke a state of mind as opposed to a message – kind of like LSD:

Well Feel Triiip has a few meanings. It's a play on the words Field Trip. I want my project to awaken the inner child in everybody, before the system got a hold of us and we were open to all possibilities. Like taking a Field Trip from adult responsibility. It also has to do with Psychedelic Trip, so the music is very vibey and fun. Coming from a place of LOVE instead of “I’m better than you” or “I got more money” or “I fucked your bitch” like every other rapper.

As reminiscent as childhood and a good DMT trip can be the tone is something of importance. Yump’s ode to his extracurricular use of herbals and psychedelics while blatantly evident in songs like Un-sober and Not a day goes by is still reflective of the tapes digestive feeling. It isn’t the positioned forefront of the tape but it is still something he finds to be faux – pa in certain demographics. He took the tape as an opportunity to be honest:

Yeah - the topic of Psychedelics. Especially with my people.  It is a certain stereotype and belief that only Hippy White kids do psychedelics and it’s not a drug that we should partake in. Rappers rap about Molly, Zans, Lean, even coke but when I mention Psych’s, cats be thinking I’m crazy. But I think it’s something that’s important for everybody to do at least once. People die every day by smoking cigs, excess drinking, and other harmful drugs, but are afraid to explore their own consciousness. It’s the governments fault; I think they are going to be mad when I turn people on to this stuff. I think about this a lot.

This liberation in his music wasn’t something he got to take hold of early on his career. Initially coming out as ‘Mann’ under a label, the constraints of their “ideologies” made his creativity suffered.  So he threw up the deuce and reemerged as Yump Daniels. His refreshing outlook on the creative freedom he now has over his work is rousing and that is clearly evident in feel Triiip.

“…I am definitely more confident as Yump Daniels. Originally, when most people heard of me as MANN, I was stuck in a record deal with a label that really stunted my artistic growth chasing nothing but HIT RECORDS. That was never really my goal as a performing artist; I want to make music that affects people’s lives. That's what I'm doing now, and that makes me much [happier] than having a #1 billboard song. “

On top of that this album in part a full purge of Yump’s creativity. From vocals, lyrics to production her manufactured the entire tape and considers it the purest form of [him] you can get.

 Yump keep up the honesty…we are enjoying this trip

Check out the video for the Un-sober featuring LanaaMak