Not to be confused with the Ordinary: Eckz Selena


What would a trippy, Selena- influenced soundtrack of any hood in NYC sound like? In 9 fresh tracks, Eckz will be able to answer that for you. Eckz, native New York rapper seamlessly ties in what appears to be the views of a regular guy with lots to say together with the trailblazing music of the late great, Selena Quintanilla. The project titled “Selena” is a concept made into fruition by Eckz which features his symphonic vocals and flow over Selena track samples. Take out the rinky-dink accordion breaks of Tejano Music and Selena’s passionate voice goes well over a Hip-Hop Beat. You almost forget she is a Tejano Music Pioneer. Eckz produces tracks on the project, alongside LSMI, Ray Rock, and Sone Music. Like his previous project, Selena brings a conscientious message of aspirations; minus the pompous persona Hip-Hop has recently taken. Its sounds are very well thought out; as if in a Rap Musical of some sort. The composition of each track has been timed to throw the listener in a rapture of true art manifestation and leaves the listener anxiously waiting to hear what’s the next track.

Since his debut mixtape, Memoirs of the Meek and Famous, Eckz has caused a stir with his unconventional musical direction. He sets himself apart from disernable trends with his emphasis on “the meek”. One of its most notable tracks, “Miss Again”,  was featured on Mtv’s Reality TV show, Washington Heights. “Miss Again” with a trippy soundscape almost spiritual, features song bird Reyna and Uptown rapper Audubon. The title, Memoirs of the Meek and Famous preaches acquiescence but its content is far from that. What this mixtape produces is an insatiable desire to be brash, to be real, to be you. The tracks are simply relatable to our generation.

M.O.T.M.F’s essence is brought into  Selena, with less of the gritty go-hard beats. Eckz really breaks free from any restrictions in the rap game with this new project. Hard to believe he couldn’t have realized he was taking a risk with this compilation. The first track “I was there” is a short prelude, like a drum roll before the feature presentation; anticipation has the listener wondering how will he pull this off?  Any 2nd guessing, is immediately discarded at the sound of the first musical track “In the Building”. It features an atmospheric melody that can easily be described as diverse. Hard beat? Yes. But it also has an element that invites a diverse audience.  “Till They Bury Me” samples Selena’s “Amor Prohibido” off of her fifth studio album. Although her album’s mood is strictly romantic, Eckz uses the sample for  a track of hard knock inspiration. Eckz makes a leap from ambiance hip-hop to a hard tempo in “Yolanda”. The sentiment the beat brings is similar to the feelings a Selena fan may have towards Yolanda Saldivar; Selena’s Murderer.

The following tracks follow a pattern of glorifying the struggle, or the ascension of progress. “Loose Faith” tackles the issue of illegal immigration and taking when nothing is given to you. Featuring the smooth vocals of New York native Jon G, and rapper Flow Patrol from Virginia, this track appears to be the only track without an evident Selena sample. Right when you become involved with the lyrics more than the beat itself, the mad scientist of music Eckz brings us “Love”.  The beat isn’t a song you would hear bumping at a bar, it’s more than that. It’s art; it’s the type of track you would hear at some noveau art show. It’s original sample is cut up to resemble tribal drums and it fits perfectly over his now staple trippy melody,  present throughout this project. May not be a favorite, but it is definitely an exceptional musical composition.

With M.O.M.T.F Eckz celebrated his regular dude status. In Selena, he storms our ears with art,  worthy of an extra-ordinary creative. Far from a regular dude, Eckz latest project displays traces of genius. Who knew Selena and NYC would go together.  Listen to it and listen to it loud.