Bitches Is Crazy Debut new EP Red on 4/20 of course

  Photo by Onaje Scott Nashish

Photo by Onaje Scott Nashish

 After several months of hints and leaks, B.I.C  is back with new EP RED. There deceptively laced lyricism culminated with their innate abilities to wrap their concepts in catchy rhythms is all clearly evident throughout the tape. The visceral reaction to this record however is unmistakable growth.  RED to them is: 

"...a culmination of all of our tumultuous experiences over the past year. (RED), as it is the color that encompasses many emotions and feelings, is how we've been feeling. (RED) because of the love, (RED)because of the anger, (RED) because of the passion, (RED) because you can feel it."

The tape features production from staples CHUK & VESA as well as Buddah SPK, DJ DNA, Money Montage and more. Listen and Download