Why Tidal should try to create more FOMO in music.

Not another article about Tidal failing - but kind of an article about Tidal not being a bad idea to actually pay for?!? Whatever you’ll get it.

There is a hefty amount of articles, Blogs, Op Ed’s and more dedicated to either the success or impending doom of Tidal.  We as music listeners have over 4 million different things to read, hear, or see on Tidal (according to Google). AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FUH THAT.

Tidal in Its first few hours as the new standard of a social music platform was promising. Beyonce in her cape (flexin’ her musical super powers) stood alongside the bevy of super star musicians supporting this new revolution in music. Here’s the thing Tidal AKA Aspiro was birthed long before Jay-Z gave it a neon turquoise hue. With that being said Tidal has been out there – is it a major player in the music scene? Absolutely not! 

From 1 to Stevie J…Tidal is Mimi’s shower rod as of yet (that’s like a good 5.789).

But once again this isn’t an article to predict its fate. Here’s how to have Tidal coexist in your daily musical selection (if you’re willing to pay).


First and Foremost ITunes will continue to be the leading online music store. (Insert reading rainbow shooting star and Steve Jobs face) 

After an announcement to take on the beats music streaming service of its own and an official acquisition of Dr. Dre’s Beats empire – ITunes is only growing.  There are millions of people with an apple product that has ITunes programmed in it for free. The likelihood that they will utilize this program is pretty high. Especially on our phones! How many of us have bought music from the ITunes store using our IPhones? *raises hand* It’s a pretty fucking awesome thing – and I don’t have to pay to use it. Here’s the ringer to this argument even if the streaming service for Apple doesn't pan out, they have a huge cushy billion dollar online music store/platform to fall back on.  They give no fucks about you Tidal it’s been Birdman hand rubs for ITunes since their first week of launching. There’s a habit to break and it won’t be easy. If you are buying music there’s pretty good chance it is coming from ITunes. Accept it Tidal you can coexist with apple.


Bandcamp is as coveted as your local bodega, honey buns and $1 Arizona ice teas. 

While watching the music superstar forces assemble on the Tidal stage I thought about my back peddler – crate digging – music mongrels that scavenge for sounds. Tidal isn’t made for indie –sub culture labels to exist and thrive. If you want to fall down a never ending rabbit hole of music it’s on Bandcamp. Ninja Tune, Future Classic, Sub Pop, Anti, Soulection, Quite Scientific like fuck mannn the list goes on and on! While their app interface is sub-par happening upon a Bandcamp page via computer will only lead you to several more amazing artists. Also arguably one of the best home pages with suggested singles, EP’s and labels. It is pretty sleek and well navigated compared to ITunes inundating home page. While Bandcamp caters to a global and “less mainstream” sound its suggestions are golden. Plus they have one of the BEST pay out models as compared to other music discovery platforms. There’s a lot of love for Bandcamp here.


SoundCloud is killing it as a ‘Music based’ social platform – like KILLING IT.

Yes Tidal is introducing an underground, undiscovered portion to its database. Yes it is great but, it’s going up against a music social media giant in SoundCloud. Not only is it’s app more navigate-able than Band Camp (a little buggy at times) but its ability to collect social currency with the ark being music is astounding. Music travels fast - it takes one person to repost a song on a feed and it TAKES OFF. Now SoundCloud is no pillar of perfection nor do I consider it a rabbit hole to fall down. In actuality I consider it the Music Speedway. Some of the best remixes and mixes can be found via sound cloud. (The best are found on SoundCloud but that’s more my opinion so if I put it in “parenthesis” I get my way….muahahahah) Also they have a great podcast community and a mess of undiscovered artists, producers and curation blogs. It is where you go when you want to hear a shit ton of new music and get acquainted with new artists. 97% of my tweets are SoundCloud links. #repostcity

Oh…. And SoundCloud Podcasts also can be linked directly to ITunes…..


Spotify is leading the pack in many many many ways. 

Now I do not subscribe to Spotify because I am as I mentioned before one of those back peddler – crate digging – music mongrels. I dedicate time to organizing my ITunes I have playlists on Band Camp & SoundCloud to organize my music and I am just not gonna’ pay for Spotify (lol). But I do have an account! I get the reason why Spotify has amassed a great number of users since its launch in 2006. In a world where music piracy was as cunning as Jack Sparrow Spotify showed up and changed the module of music and it’s worth for the masses. Free music can still make paid artists- get it? Spotify allows you to stream without needing Wi-Fi, They have great playlists (so I’ve heard) and all the newest albums (for the most part) can be found and saved to your personal library. Even if you don’t want the entire spiel offered you can sign up for free and stream a bunch of tunes from a pretty decent library of music. So not only are they the major occupants of the streaming hemisphere but they have the biggest one up on Tidal…YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY TO EVEN USE IT. Boom! Oh and there was that little announcement about adding video to the roster. No big deal.  

Tidal isn't the leading streaming service, music store or underground, alternative music haven. So why should you get it?

 Good library of music – yes

Lossless audio that’s just soooooo different – yes

Streaming capabilities – yes

Budding platform for new and emerging artists – ehhh on its way

However there is something Tidal is doing that is pretty cool – they’re giving their users Perks! Yes Jay- Z your B-sides concert, the MIA tickets that were given all of that is a GREAT COME BACK. A good ploy to get some steam behind Tidal is to keep doing things for the community that is supporting the streaming platform. Dropping videos and albums will only have so much life before it’s nabbed and spread throughout the internet.  If I could put it best Tidal needs to create the most severe cases of FOMO and the people will flock to it.

FOMO: FEAR-OF-MISSING-OUT. The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great via urban dictionary

(I had no clue this was even in urban dictionary until I wrote this paragraph. Many thanks to the person who wrote the example sentence to further explain FOMO on Urban Dic’ you are the light of my life)

They definitely have the star power to create Intimate experiences for their users. Hey I actually wanted to go to the B-Sides concert!! Was I going to pay for tidal to go? NO… but the important part was that I thought about getting it for a good 3 minutes.  That’s pretty good progress if I do say so myself. I had no inclination to sign up while watching the launch of Tidal when they signed that thing like the declaration if independence.  Honestly if they keep this up they might catch me.

If you want to shell out a couple bucks a month to get “lossless” audio and all the stuff you can get on a bunch of free sites go for it.  If you want to see your favorite artists Tidal might just make that happen.  Now is this something they want to keep on doing not sure. Only Beyonce’s cape knows. All I know is to have a healthy scope of what’s going on in music one cannot depend on one medium alone. All of these streaming and sharing platforms have changed the way we find tunes.

Tidal still has a chance.

This article was inspired by the young man on the bus streaming music from Tidal on $13 headphones from Duane Reade.  Lossless audio meant nothing to him I’m sure his twitter picture is turquoise as well. #salute