#WHATIMLISTENINGTO: The Nobodies – Paradise, On a Crowded Island

The nobodies a three part collective of New Yorkers release their debut project entitled Paradise, On a Crowded Island.  

“…..this project is the soundtrack to our lives in New York. Every day, we search for happiness, a peace of mind, and a true understanding of ourselves. We pray for a vacation; a paradise all our own, but our reality is this crowded island. So many people, so much opportunity, and unfortunately, so much time wasted. This project is the daily thought process of the average man and woman really trying to understand their purpose.” – The Nobodies

The entire project is quite airy but a heavy bass runs through it. (Contradiction game strong) It’s not as daunting or terribly humdrum as I am putting it but almost a seldom attempt of what internal thoughts would sound like. Like synapses through the frontal lobe through a plethora of different problems and feelings. It is an intriguing freshmen release and a crew to put on your radar!