Down East Art Show Exhibition Re-cap

The Down East Art Show Exhibit was put together by Pop Up Gallery NYC featuring over 40 artists. The curator was Omar Ortiz. Walking into the exhibition felt like stepping into a very creative realm that just embraced you. Each piece piece told a story of it's own like Martza's galactic piece that kind of makes you wish you were an astronaut floating through space. The walkway to the exhibition alone was a show. Stepping into the exhibition, you were greeted by a vast space of artwork and DJ Pumpkin. The tracks went with the setting of the room: creative, inspiring and very different. 

The April Edition of this gallery will be held on April 29th & 30th. You can rsvp a DJ Pumpkin will be blessing our ears once again. The exhibition will be held at 189 East 3rd St between Avenue A and B. 


Featured Artisits: Alex Smetsky, Frank Gastelum, Lee Kalu, Phillip Forgren, Hektad, VS, Will Picaro, Gulchik, Sean Allen Fenn, Chloe Pitterson, XO RS, Martiancode, Rachel Herman, Anya Gorbacheva, Travis Poston, David Padworny, Sasha Charoensub, Roman Kolesov, Paul Renna, Oksana Sveshnikova, Lulu, St. John, Vanezza Cruz, Ivanna Cherkezov, Mary Chelini, Iness Kaplun, Yulia Mogilnitskaya, Sketches, Yssa Vascellaro, Julianna Stankiewicz, Dmitriy Kusudama-Master, JDF, Blinky Comix, Matthew Hester, Alison Ruiz, Marlene Theron, Maritza Godoy, Rez Shaolin, Marko Golubovic, UncuttArt, SFA YKK, Andrew Markus Bell, Sofia Godoy, Julia Ortiz, Dave Reed, Nancy Nguyen