Physical Graffiti: The Space Between Tradition and Innovation

The airy and smooth voice that carried over a heavy deleted horn and down beat was effortless. Each word was emphasized and crisply fed to the ear. Positive words, and lessons learned streamed into the headphones and i proceeded to give in to the calm - cool - collected sound of Physical Graffiti. A centered Chakra and a mindset that her music is in the middle of tradition and innovation Physical Graffiti takes us back to the boom bap and catapults us forward into another cosmos. 

The Jersey native (Big ups Hudson County!) has been rocking crowds all over the globe and putting on for the New Jerusalem creatives in more ways than one. Her name Physical Graffiti an obvious nod to the Led Zeppelin classic but also the literal embodiment of her art.  Not only does she take her music as a place to play and experiment with sound but as the foundation to creating an artistic presentation.  She releases her music on vinyl (yes Vinyl the OG lossless sound) and gives everyone who gets one a custom cover and most importantly and amazing collection of music to move your soul, make you move and make you think. Her and the Sessions at the PM collective have been cultivating an organic and genuine release of music that strikes a nerve with hip hop bohemians and purist. It's good music....just really good MUSIC! 

She enlightens US on the process of coming into her own while creating her first record Thought Kryminal and what she has planned for her next release the Funky Hudson 1. She deemed the record the project she always wanted to make and judging from what we've heard are minds are racing and ears are ready for the ladback flow and mind provoking lyrics. 


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