Inventing April Oneill was more than a debut project…it was closure & rebirth

"I think this EP was a definitive moment of becoming a woman" 

Singer, songwriter, composer and producer can all be added to the dossier of ‘abilities’ that April Oneill has but for the first time ever she can add content with self to the list. After a tumultuous three years of life, and its ups and downs she can truly say she found herself.  As “eat love pray” as that statement has become it is a journey we as humans all take.  The release of her debut EP Inventing April Oneill  is not only the true testament to her talent as a vocalist but her general understanding of composition and her new found love of production.

Music was an innate ability for April; she learned to play the piano by ear and started singing opera and acting in theater as a child. After migrating to New York and get her bearing as a new New Yorker she started pouring her music into other channels like production and composition. After releasing some singles and working on several features she began to work on her debut project Inventing April Oneill. Unbeknownst to her the EP became the sounding board to the events and people around her, only after the project was completed did she actually realize that.

This Ep also led to a new found interest in producing. She noted that a lot of what we see in music doesn’t really allude to all of the actually opportunities within the industry. While this EP is the fruit of her labor it’s also the biggest piece of her rehabilitation to protect her energy and find herself. It turned into the release that she needed and now can start to take on a new meaning.



Watch April siong Spillover live at the Always Doing Damage HQ