The Pursuit of Art Happiness

Let's get some west coast love over here.  Reigning in from Los Angeles, I bring you Sand One.

Sand is a self-taught, self-educated artist with some interesting pieces.  She has been into art for what she describes  as "5 analyzing years full of paint and color." One may think this is an antagonizing way to describe life but Sand LOVES her colorful life.

Her introduction to art was during her last year of high school when she started noticing the graffiti surrounding LA.  Her relationship with art only grew from there.

As an artist, her inspiration comes from her drive to succeed and live a happy life through her art.  "I refuse to let go of my full time artist life.  Every dreamer with ambition has reached their goals. I'm working on my pursuit of art happiness." She defines art as the highest form of hope. Her definition of a good work of art? Something that makes you feel something once you look at it.  "If you cannot be moved by the artwork you are admiring, then that's not a good thing." Who can argue with that?