Jonathan LeVine Gallery Exhibition Re-Cap

The 526 W 20th St Jonathan LeVine Gallery consisted of both Saner Primitivo's exhibition and The Lost Mitten Society Annual Winter Salon Show. Both exhibitions are running until February 7th. Saner's exhibition had more of a Transformers meets water colors feel to it. It was interesting to see how the artist was able to blend his characters together to come to a cohesive theme. 

The Lost Mitten Society Annual Winter Salon Show consisted of work from Adam Wallacavage, Amandine Urruty, Anders Giennestad (Strok), Aron Wiesenfeld, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Double Parlour, FINOK, Faith47, James Marshall (Darek), Josh Keyes, Kris Lewis, Martin Wittfooth, Max Rippon (RIPO), Mike Giant, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Taylor McKimens, Tristan Eaton and Troy Brooks. Each piece of work came together for a cohesive look. They made this growing harsh winter seem more bearable for everyone. The exhibitions were worth traveling for.


Jonathan LeVine Gallery (@jonathanlevinegallery)