Check out New Jersey’s first annual Juice Hip Hop exhibition

The purpose of this is to unite all of the elements of hip-hop and let the youth know what it really is about. It’s a mixing pot of what hip-hop has been all along; a way of life, not just rap. It’s a feeling, it’s an emotion, and it’s a story. Each person involved will be telling their story through their talent. Pay close attention, take every moment in, and cherish all that this Church has to offer. –  via

ICYMI: Moxie 1973 put on for New Jersey. The first and hopefully annual Juice Hip Hop Exhibition happened this weekend. The day and night was filled with art, dancing, music, DJ sets and vendors from the garden state selling their original pieces.

The event was held in a church on Montgomery Avenue in Jersey City and was a fitting home for the uplifting event. The forecasted purpose was achieved for sure. 

Peep some of the performances from the night and keep up to date with Moxie1973 for future events.