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Describing himself as a photographer and creative architect, Fred Daniels III has an eye for capturing memorable visuals. Fred got his first camera in 2008. Fast forward to 2010, he purchased his first DSLR camera from a pawn shop. This self taught artist took his time to develop his craft.

Photographers from all walks of life come across various challenges that they need to adjust to. With action shots, each scenario comes with different challenges so Fred always has to be alert. “One of my favorite sayings is, "stay ready so don't have to get ready." Meaning...I keep my camera on and ready for anything. I don't want to miss a moment.”

Meet Fred, the visual architect. 

Age: 29

Weapon of choice: Nikon since the beginning

Favorite lens: Right now... 24-70mm

Currently based: Wherever there needs to be a photo taken

Describe your journey as a photographer in three words: I'M NEVER SATISFIED!

Do you have a favorite photographer: Yes. Myself. Not to be too self centered but I have to be in love with my work first before anyone else's.

Where were you when you took your first shot: I honestly don't even remember. I'm sure if I looked at it today, I would cringe at how bad I was lol.

Favorite shot taken: One of the hardest questions ever! So is the first 3 that come to mind…

1. On the way to DC for a gig, my flight was delayed because of storms. The pilot decided to fly around the storm. With a window seat, I looked out and saw lightning. It literally lit up the whole sky and clouds were amazing. Quickly took out my camera and began to shoot. Trying to catch lightning is a tough task. This one particular image made me feel like God was talking to me. It was amazing.

2. At the end of August, I was able to travel to Santa Barbara and be present for the Cleveland Cavaliers unofficial training camp. In this time, I got to meet the whole team...THE WHOLE 2016 CHAMPS! Everyone on the team was cool. Had a brief conversation with everyone from LeBron to Kevin Love. Even though, I was elated to have this experience, I had to keep my composure. On the last day, I took the team photo. To look back and see future Hall of Famers and hopefully back to back champs, this is definitely a photo I will cherish and a moment that I won’t forget.  

3. At the beginning of March, I got to work with the BIG10 Network for the BIG10 Basketball Tournament and take over their Instagram. My love for basketball was able to be displayed through my love for photography. On Day 4, I caught Denzel Valentine of Michigan State (now Chicago Bulls). He was in the act of calling an out of bounds play and to see the emotion on his face was priceless. When I took a closer look at the photo and saw how much detail i was able to capture, it made it that much more authentic.

How long have you been a photographer: Since I got my first camera phone lol. I really started taking my photography serious about 8 years ago.

Did you always have plans on being a photographer: No. I had all the typical childhood dreams of playing professional sports. In college, I had the aspirations of starting my own clothing brand/company. One thing that remained consistent was my passion for all things visually appealing.

What made you decide you wanted to pursue this career: I love capturing moments and documenting life around me. This career choice allowed me to not only do something I'm good at but also do something that I'm passionate about. Also, I love that I'm able to express myself without words.

What motivates you to continue being a photographer: I'm on a constant chase of the unknown. I believe it’s a feeling that I want to communicate with the viewer. I want people to take something away from my photos whether it be of people or scenic. Other than that chase, my family and friends motivate me. They are my real support system.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced: So far, the biggest challenge would be creative blocks. All creative people have them. The toughest part is finding the motivation and inspiration to get out of them. It takes time

Favorite project you worked on: I'm very indecisive when it comes to picking a favorite project. Only because each project that I work on has a significant meaning to me. I only hope to continue being apart of projects truly meaningful and inspiring

How do you prep for a shoot: I always, always, always make sure both batteries are charged and my memory cards are clear. I do my homework. I make sure I understand the task at hand, especially if it’s for a client. After my bag is packed, I usually listen to certain music on my way to the shoot. As of late, it’s been a range from Anderson Paak, Tyler The Creator, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper.

Anything you'd like to add: I would like to thank the Always Doing Damage team for this opportunity to get to know me a little better and highlight my work. Always want to stress that I love my support system more than anything in this world. They keep me going. Without them, I wouldn't continue doing what I do.

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