Peace from Peyton

"here's another song about water, tell your mother and father, I need you for my life to be so I take you inside of me" 

   photo by    @m4rz___

photo by @m4rz___

The softly toned and hushed angelic voice of Peyton out of the Milky Wayv crew from Texas is a shuttering and soothing mixture. The budding songstress at only 18 has a playful mix of love metaphors and general life woes mixed within her debut EP Peace in the midst of a storm.

The R&B/ electro soul collective that is Milky Wayv hit our eardrums about a year ago when they released their compilation project The Best Mixtape You've Ever Heard. Peyton’s voice was magnetic and charming in her song Verbs on that tape.

She plays up her light tones with this Ep pairing her calming melodies with peppery drum rhythms like in the song Carnivore. She worked with fellow milky wayv comrades for production like Bobby Earth but also tapped Froyo ma and Caz Aglets. Listen to the beautiful project below: