Kyle Woods takes us to the rainforest

Kyle Woods project Yunque is a sonic and symbiotic ode to rolling hills of greenery and the sun that nourishes their leaves. The LA native released the 4 track Ep  the he characterizes as:  

" homage to nature and sunlight and its goal is to convey the feeling of being outside. The EP is named after Puerto Rico's El Yunque rainforest, the only tropical rainforest in the United States and one of my favorite places in the world."

The Ep opens up with bursting chime like sounds followed up with a large lush synth. It sends shivers down the record with light staccato chords that eventually lead into a fast paced looped drum sound. Almost like traveling through a forest watching sunlight peak through the branches. He continues through the project introducing harmonic yet warped vocal tones. Each track on every listen reveals small hints of nature sounds like the chirping of birds. There is an almost technically charged aspect to the tape that blends so effortlessly with pops of deep house drum patterns. In an off kilter way the tape manages to autonomously take you through El Yungue rainforest. It ends with a muted horns laid over a quick pace melody that takes on the feel of waves, the track is appropriately titled sea level. As a whole it is a quick collection of songs that is fulfilling and dynamic. It continues to surprise the listener each time with a new layer of sounds. 

Close your eyes and travel to the rainforest with Kyle Woods...