Feel Wristband: Mood Ring 2016


    Who didn’t like a mystic mood ring as a child? Yea you remember those aluminum rings that rusted after a few hand washes but you simply couldn’t part with because it was well…”informative” and colorful to say the least. Sentio Solutions, a New York based start-up, released last week during Las Vegas’s Consumer Electric Show, a re-invented mood ring named Feel. Similar to the Fitbit, the wristband complies informative reports of current emotional state of its user (i.e. Stress levels) which is connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Feel is similar to the popular Fitbit in shape but instead of measuring physical health it tracks your feelings. It also gives off vibrations whenever Feel detects anger- say for example when your eyebrow lady waxes off half your brow. Although it doesn’t change colors, Feel comes in different colors set to release later this year and it delivers true emotional awareness by means of science. 

“The first step in changing negative emotional habits is emotional awareness”, said CEO George Eleftheriou to Mashable in a recent interview. 

   In other words, Feel was made to alleviate stress and lower negative emotions throughout your day and improve emotional well-being . Sounds like a breath of fresh air. The company’s motto is Hack Happiness, and to do so Feel suggests actions that improve happiness during a moment of stress like “laugh more”. You are gonna let a wristband tell you what to do? Well it’s worth a shot: it is a common goal to be joyous and positive. Wasn’t it our founding fathers that stamped on the United States Declaration of Independence Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of HappinessYou can pre-order this new technology in the Spring and choose from four different colors. Be Happy-it’s your right.