I feel guilty when I listen to Azealia Banks

The rad young woman sporting pigtails in the 212 video with phallic lyrics and gall in every ounce of her voice was a beacon of new talent in 2011. That girl - from the 212 - was Azealia Banks a Harlem native, young Rapunzel bitch that let you knew she’d ruin you cunt.

I was here for it as a music lover and journalist.  She was what a girl from the east coast felt like; I think what all girls felt like. A good cocktail of bitch and gallant that paid homage to the 90’s super models but was still trill enough to date a drug dealer.  Everything that she spoke in her music was pompously touting the ethereal regales of her spirit. With radically vulgar and testy rhymes followed by an ironically angelic singing voice she was immediately a talent that got on a lot of people’s radars. It was pussy power on acid when she dropped her debut project 1991. The girls were fanning the boys were death dropping and Ms. Banks was the female emcee bringing the hip hop heads and proverbial club kids together with her music.

2012 brought what is still my favorite piece of work by the strong-minded young woman, Fantasea. That project was an aquatic dream and the first full cohesive project from the rapper. It was my 21st century E trip. I touted and professed my gratitude for her hard work with the project and played it nonstop.

But this article isn’t to speak about my adoration of her music and a brief historical timeline of Azealia Banks career. This is unfortunately not that at all, in fact. As much as I still appreciate her for her insane talent, her public feuds and erratic behavior unfortunately has overshadowed, maybe even eclipsed her music for me. Just looking at the inundating amount of public shows of aggression is pretty astonishing.

*Cue block of every single person place and thing Azealia Banks Has feuded with since 2012

Do you know how long it took to import this folder of gifs/photos to further support my previous line about the amount of public feuds she has?  It was long af, that’s a lot of damn people!

However – the truly honest thing that needs to be said is she is single handedly ruining her career. As a person that can separate the musician from the person, in this instance will not work for me. As a listener her music is a scrawling reminder of her antics and lewd comments towards people. I go back to songs I really enjoy and think of how a young woman who is so effortlessly talented has managed to do some of the things she’s done. Listening to songs I once enjoyed hits me with a tinge of guilt because why support someone who chooses to lash out. But I still have hope. Can I walk in a fit set to slay the gods with Azealia’s 1991 blaring in my headphones as mood music to match my steez just yet…No. But I still want her to win and just show her talent.

 To some effect this could just be an article that could lead to me being flamed by her but I will take the chance. Girl, get off twitter and FB. Find some solace and make good music. Everyone can have a redemption story.