Liminal Space

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The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute shines light on the reality of migratory life.

The new art exhibition, Liminal Space, shares what it is like when you are caught in between the place you left behind and where you are now. It also gives an insight into how those who are left behind are affected. 

The exhibition starts off with a clip reflecting on life in the country of Guyana. Although the film is focused on one family, it represents what millions have gone through, are currently experiencing and may go through in the future. Once you reach the second floor of the center, you are greeted by illuminating pieces taking over the walls, with all of them telling a relatable story.

The opening reception kicked off the exhibition on June 17 and will run through October 26, 2017. Get more information from the site and see what's in store below. 

Instagram: @ccadi

Twitter: @CCCADI

Curator: Grace Aneiza Ali

Artist: Kwesi Abbensetts, Damali Abrams, Khadija Benn, Victor Davson, Stanley Greaves, Carl Hazlewood, Dominque Hunter, Donald Locke, Andrew Lyght, Suchitra Mattai, Christie Neptune, Mason Richards, Karran Sahadeo, Keisha Scarville, and Arlington Weithers