Trolling seemed to be reigning supreme this week in the media, something which has now seems to have become the norm. With Palin endorsing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the beloved Stacey Dash acting out and speaking against the purpose of channels like BET and the Image awards , much of the headlines seemed to have been a troll. Today is also the anniversary of Roe v.s. Wade , but there seems to be a impending disparity between the notion, if your pro-woman could you be anti-abortion as well. Seems like media audiences need a hug and a conscious advisor to navigate through our media this week. So to keep matters light, today is also NATIONAL HUG DAY!

Hug your mom, hug your dog, hug when you say hello, hug your barista if you can. In between our laughing/crying sobs, a simple comfort such as a hug can remind us were are all the same-warm and human and make mistakes.

Enjoy these cute hug memes/gifs: