Sweeping views of architecture and monotonous travel is somehow glamourized through Zach’s eye. His photos feature caramelized faces and a plush intensity to captured moments. The budding photographer is building a following via his Instagram and his eye for detail is a captivating and unique aspect to his photos. 

Meet Zach better known as @iAMZJB

Age: 19

Hometown: Miami born, Nashville raised.

Weapon of Choice: I'm currently shooting on a Canon 5D MIII and a 24mm 1.4

Do you remember your first photo?

When I was 10 years old, I I got my first digital camera (a Vidster, remember those?) for Christmas. I used to take it everywhere with me. I was running errands with my Mom which usually meant I'd be dragged to the nail salon. I wasn't the most patient of children but my new camera kept me entertained. As my Mom turned to me, I snapped a photo of her smiling next to me. She, of course, hated the photo as she does all her photos, and to her dismay it is still one of my favorite photos to date.

How did you get into photography?

My initial dive into photography was with an iPhone 4. My parents told me at the time I was too young for an iPhone so I used my sister's. Whenever she would come over for to visit, I'd grab her phone and spend of the rest of the day shooting outside.

Do you have anyone you look up to?

I'd definitely have to say 13th Witness - Tim McGurr. I've followed his work since the beginning of my Instagram life and he's helped me to always stay freshly inspired. 

Your proudest moment as a photographer:

For me, there are two events that always stick with me. In my junior year of high school, I won a student Emmy Award from the Academy of Television. I got the award for a photo/video project I had created with my high school's football team. It was called "Inch by Inch" if it’s still on YouTube. Second event, was when I attended a workshop and actually met 13thWitness. He's a crazy talented dude. Shouts to you Tim!

The shot you wish you could’ve taken and the shot you’re hoping you can take one day:

I try not to focus on the shots I miss. I feel as though it can take away from the excitement of the shots you do get. Lately, I've been getting into photography in and around the music industry- shooting with artists and at concerts etc. I'd hope to one day have the opportunity to shoot the cover of Rolling Stone. Such great work comes out of that magazine.

What is something you are struggling with as a budding photographer?

Establishing a name and brand around your-self is always a hustle. There are a lot of people out there looking to do the same thing as you so I believe it’s important to work hard and relentlessly perfect your craft.

You take snaps of moments, of people/things. Photographers capture their perception of beauty. If you could what do you define as beauty?

Beauty in a photo is defined best as capturing a moment unable to ever be recreated. In photos, where you can see a decisive and pure moment captured in time, is where I believe the true beauty of photography is most evident.