Photographed by WILK

Photographed by WILK

The demo Warsong happened upon my eardrums as most musical discoveries do. (On SoundCloud) However in the instant that the drum sticks counts off and a flush of guitar chords out pour over staccato drum patterns. A small lull leads into a soft toned voice effortlessly soaring over the hilly and dynamic melody. Who were these mystical music making creatures?!

The Melbourne based band named Jaala is made up of vocalist and guitarist Cosima Jaala, Bassist Loretta Wilde, Drummer Maria Moles, and Guitarist Nicolas Lam. Donning lead vocalists Cosima’s middle name (Jaala) they have been at it since August 2014. As they gear up for their first album entitled Hard Hold they have a collection of Demo’s and live performances (that are ever growing) for the masses to get acquainted with. The music speaks for itself quite literally. From the composition to Cosima’s triggering and honest lyrics Jaala has a fearless command of their sound and the experimentation is devilishly clever and intriguing.  The raw and green quality of the band is a poignant part of their sound as well as a touch and go scenario at times notes Cosima.

“I associate this sort of relationship to art as being that of the underdog; it's an ethos that gives me strength when I'm having doubtful days. My Misunderstanding of music is the thing that gives Jaala its essence and it's kinda funny when college kids nerd out over it. People might associate the music with this or that genre…but it's really just an emotional response to life, it just feels good to make fucking loud noises.” 

The genuine art of discovery is quite literally the same aspect that loops listeners in, me included. In preparation for their release of Hard Hold Jaala dropped their first visual directed by Thomas Henning for title track featuring Cosima in grainy black and white in a grim and endearing fashion. Love is a topic not shied away from on the tape.

“Love is such a fountain of inspiration because it is such a beast of confusion and ecstasy. Ultimately though, lovers are just mirrors to your ‘self’, so maybe then I'm just documenting journeys of self-discovery.”

Nonetheless the visual for Hard Hold only quantifies the ability the song has to conjure up the genuine human attachment to love – the good and the bad. Inexplicably Cosima rustles up even more from her listeners (current & future) with the second single Salt Shaker off their forthcoming EP. The single released on their label Wondercore Island is a depiction in her words of essentially ‘flying the coop’.  Cosima opens the song saying:

“I lick salt right off my hand/ helps me to feel like I’m still by that ocean/ that’s where I left my whole family”

 BTS photo of Salt Shaker video by   Marcus Salvango

BTS photo of Salt Shaker video by  Marcus Salvango

As humans we’ve all been there in some form or fashion – taking a plunge or escaping. It is a liberating and constraining feeling all at once and Cosima mashes it up masterfully within this song. She consistently layers her airy sweet tone ridden with luscious rasp over the beautiful bass melody only to inflict more of the songs premise.

From their previous releases it is inevitable to have your mind wander as their playful quality is a capability that makes their sound varied from song to song. They recorded their upcoming EP in a matter of five days in an effort to encompass the energy of their live performances. As wickedly talented as Cosima and the entire band are she still has a bit of worry.

“I'm pretty nervous about the release. I want people to hear it and relate to it and love it. At the same time I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea, it's also a bit mopey and dark so u defiantly can't really chuck it on at a party, and I wouldn't think anyone would want to make love to it, it's practically useless.” 

What is to be expected from their freshmen release is up in the air.  However the potential is immense and the music is a flurry of emotion.  Indulge in the wondrous collection of music they have thus far and prepare for what Jaala plans to unleash with Hard Hold. 


Peep Jaala's video for Salt Shaker