Walking in a big city like New York where fast is never fast enough and stress is a way of life working and living depends on doing it right, THE FIRST TIME. We move too fast and sometimes we forget to see what's going on around us. There is a special place for music that can move you down a New York avenue - while never realizing your walking faster than you ever have before.

 Nick Hakim, crooner and all around soul man was the fix I needed. This DMV based singer/songwriter was a find from my former soundcloud (better known as a cluttered mess) several months back.  With chops as abysmally angelic as Nick’s you can easily forget the premise of his music. As of yet, his 3 songs on soundcloud (yes just 3) were set to the tone of heartbreak. Not necessarily uplifting but he is truly a physician in his use of melodies.  Stitching luxurious harmonies over blended blues guitar chords like in Pour Another. Or the collection of airy riffs manipulated and then layered over simple piano chords ( I believe) in Tribe.

Makes sense the he is around the likes of Emily King another beautiful singer and writer.  There is more music (hopefully soon) from the young man. For now I will keep the songs he has on repeat and wait patiently.

There hasn't been a need for music to mend a broken heart per-say but I'm a sucker for a good soul song and a nice walk on a sunny day. Thank you Nick!

Get to work when you get there, take a minute to watch the world turn. #WHATIMLISTENINGTO