Twon Don’s Million dollar babies showcases the cyclical fundamentals our nation needs to abandon

Twon Don made a huge leap this year with the release of his first full length EP entitled Stay Golden. The EP a quintessential lyrical flex does not shy away from the perverse and volatile notions that plague us as a society. Twon takes them all on in full force in the track Million Dollar Babies. In an effort to illustrate the already heavily conceptual song Twon teamed up with director Vintage Modern to make what may be his best visual to date.

Million Dollar Babies is a poetic display of how society and its monotonous on goings continues to brainwash our younger generations. The visual features Twon’s younger brother as the young susceptible mind viewing what is the worst aspects of the world. Twon acts as his “conscious” to sway him to what all of our young kids are…Million Dollar Babies

Watch the amazing visual and get privy to this young man and his newest EP Stay Golden