Macsorro: From Cali to New Mexico


When I was growing up I felt inspired by other people's art, and I want to create the same emotion.”  - Macsorro

Coming from Los Angeles, California, Jorge Macswiney, who prefers to go by Macsorro, looks at the history of art as something that does not need to be understood.  Macsorro stated “We don't need to understand where the steak I'm eating came from in order to enjoy it. Or know the origins of Blues in order to appreciate a nice song.” Which is true; sometimes all you need to do is look at something and you can tell whether or not it is good.  His work requires a great deal of imagination.  I could barely draw a circle let alone even try to create artwork.  His work is very appealing.  

He started creating artwork as a child but did not really get introduced to it until he got to high school.  His high school’s art program is really what got him started.  Prior to this, art never really crossed his mind.  He did not think anyone would ever collect his art.  He was awarded a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico and received exposure to one of the the greatest art communities in the country.  This was when he fell in love with art.  Art is like breathing to Macsorro, it feels natural.  

This is not your ordinary artist. Despite popular belief, he does not believe that he is normal.  Macsorro is also a creative writer.  Last year he wrote and rewrote one of his stories.  He described it as a slow and hard project.  He found it to be gratifying, describing himself feeling a sense of accomplishment.  Dorla Dark is available on Kindle.  He plans on continuing doing his artwork until he dies.  He is very passionate about art and just hopes that people will continue to love his work.  

macsorro 1.jpg