Art on the Run: Profile on Murjani Holmes

Murjani Holmes is a visual artist currently based out of Brooklyn.  Originally from Richmond, Virginia, this artist is always ready to hit the pavement running wether its finalizing a mural or creating a new painting.  Although she enjoys working on the smoothness of a wood panel, she's appreciating more textured surfaces thanks to a new project she's working on. The growth of her work and skills is evident through each piece she completes. Her progression can be seen through some of her previous work. Even though she has always been an artist, she really started chasing her dream about five years ago. "As soon as I realized that when I am creating, I am the most centered that I feel all day; it’s my stress reliever and me in my purest form and I was very lucky to have realized that early on in life." The hardest part of her being an artist today is building her audience. It's easy for people to look at your work online and decide wether or not they think it looks good. Getting those who both like your work online to become customers that buy the pieces and genuinely support is something else. 

Meet Murj.

 Boxer Pup

Boxer Pup

What made you decide to become an artist?

Murj: As soon as I realized that when I am creating, I am the most centered that I feel all day; it’s my stress reliever and me in my purest form and I was very lucky to have realized that early on in life

How would you describe your journey through the art world so far?

Murj: I would describe my journey as educational. The Artist's Journey is full of twists and turns. lol! The best experiences to the most exasperating, I just learn all of the lessons I can from each situation adapt and keep on moving

When creating pieces, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Murj: The moment. Every moment in the process I am asking myself what is right for this now? The inspiration could be a color or an interesting take on line work. etc... so I may start with a idea but the route to the end product is a little all over the place.

What’s your favorite part of being an artist?

Murj: Being able to do what I love and have loved since I was a kid, the interesting and awesome people I get to meet along the way and just the ability to carve out an awesome/interesting life for myself

 Graf-Owl Watch

Graf-Owl Watch

You also have a watch collection. How did that come about? Is this project still active?

Murj: I was contacted by the awesome company Modify Watches and they offered me an opportunity to create a collection. It is definitely still alive. I'm currently working on new images for my collection.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on?

Murj: I designed and mapped out a mural for a public school in Crown Heights Brooklyn. Volunteers came and I advised them how to mix colors and get started then I finished the details. The best part about the whole thing is that it was in an open courtyard and the neighbors loved it and appreciated me helping to beautify the neighborhood.  For that reason, this is my most favorite project to date

On your site, the quote reads “If you invest in art it will remain with you…all the days of your life” What made you decide to go with this quote?

Murj: I was looking to revamp my website and a friend of mine found that quote, but it spoke to me because in my mind when a person really finds that piece that speaks directly to them, it's a great thing to witness it. This more than a painting to them, its a memory or a reminder of the past or a hope for the future. So I like to see these pieces as an extension of me finding and connecting with some part of the buyer and I really like that

What's the longest amount of time you've spent on a project?

Murj: I would probably say a month. I tend to create fast so taking my time on this particular commission was a challenge and a lesson to me to slow down a little though that is still hard lol!

 Big Pink Trippy Tree

Big Pink Trippy Tree

If there was one thing you could change about being an artist, what would it be?

Murj: I'd almost say nothing! As an artist, we are so lucky to be able to answer the call to create that is inside of us. We are wonderers and adventurers, and those traits can lead you down some windy roads but also to the best experiences, and both whether good or bad should teach us lessons along the way. One thing is for sure, an artist's life is never boring.

Is there anything you’ve worked on, given the chance, you’d go back and change?

Murj: Nothing in particular.. that is an interesting question though. I do a lot of live painting and making quick decisions. While working in a live environment lends its self to just changing something when the mood strikes, if I have to paint over an entire section to make it what I want right then and there, I will. So a big part of me has a "it is what it is" way of thought when creating. I look at paintings as a moment in time and that's that and to me, there is a bravery to that to almost walk hand and hand with the mistakes

What’s your definition of art?

Murj: I believe the definition of art is getting out what's inside! Releasing those feelings that can only be satisfied by creating

Twitter: @MurjArt 

Instagram: @murj_art