Arcade, a game lover, boom bap baby and all – around musical minion delighted our eardrums with his first beat tape entitled Hi I Love You early this year. The record was an ode to some of his influencers (Madlib, Dilla, and Pete Rock, just some of the greats NBD) and first conceptual based body of work.

Starting his journey on an Axiom 25 the classic game lover credits his recent production metamorphosis to Native Instruments Maschine.

It’s the center of my production studio and it changed the way I made beats forever. I owe a lot of my success as a producer to the Maschine.”

The groove box was a significant factor in the sound play and experimental rhythms found on the tape. As his delectable taste in sound, samples and creation continues to widen, the process of release 2 has become a decision of “Is this ready?”

 Hi, I Love You was something that came out of an experience and I wouldn't feel right with throwing out a project, short or long that I don't feel represents where I'm at right now”

Needless to say the next tape and/or singles put out into the cosmos from Mr. Arcade will be well meditated extensions of himself. Like the G.O.A.T’s that have pioneered production before him this affluent and worldly producer is on the heels of greatness. May your eardrums be prepared.



Programs/ Products used: 

Maschine by Native Instruments

Traktor F1 by Native Instruments