Unsigned Elite of New York: The ReBpublic


A trend that happens in Hip Hop is the rise in popularity in a certain area. For the past 2 years that was dominated by West Coast artists both in the mainstream and underground circuit. This year however it’s back in the Mecca of Hip Hop where it all started, New York. This past year the east coast has seen  one of the biggest surges in underground/unsigned artists flooding national mediums and skyrocketing to fame with no help from a label. Among this budding population of Young Creative’s is uptown’s newest collective The Rebpublic. While they are fairly new to the unsigned Elite of New York, they are already making their own stamp on the culture. The Rebpublic is about music but, the brand and lifestyle doesn't fall at the waist side either. Music is their first attack method and by attack I mean they slay what they create and have garnered a large fan base because of it. Its artists, producers, designers and Brand Management team are made up of a group of friends with big plans to take what they're doing to another level.

I got the chance to speak with Levon, Deemy, shavaar, Glad and Sean from The Rebpublic, on how they came to be and what's next for the crew. 

What's an interview without a couple sung bars, and a freestyle?! Check out Deemy's exclusive freestyle and Shavaar showing off his vocals for ADDMAG. Young Creative's at it's finest.

Download  Deemy's Mix tape What Dreams are Made of  and listen to new releases on his Sound Cloud.

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Listen to Shavaar on Sound Cloud.

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The ReBpublic

Levon   Sean

Deemy  Shavaar

Moe       Glad

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