Protect Yo Heart, Magnify The Vibes

In his own words, UnCutt Art is a Creator, a Philosopher, a Student and a Teacher. He forgot to add innovator to the list. It’s inspiring to come across a positive message such as this on a rainy day spray painted on a grimy sidewalk.  I was walking through LES and stumbled on Protect Yo Heart spray painted on the ground and it just stuck out. It was the first of many that would be found throughout New York and New Jersey. As more and more popped up, it became evident that this movement was here for the long haul. The question that kept popping up was who's behind this? The dots were connected at the April edition of the Down East Art Show where I not only came across some of his pieces but the artist himself, UnCutt Art.

The name UnCutt Art stands for purity in its’ rawest form “that thing where art comes from. I create art from the heart to touch people’s souls, it’s the best thing ever.” What made him start this movement? He says it created itself. “I just wanted to stop people in their track so they can breathe and enjoy life for what it is and all that resides in the heart...” Protect Yo Heart is more than just words spread across a sidewalk. “Protectyoheart is part of a bigger picture… there’s more. The world needed something to help them get back in touch with themselves and I feel like that’s what I was destined to do cause I do it so well... protectyoheart was part of the things that got me so in tune and it made me feel great about life so I wanted to share that greatness cause I know we all need that boost.” He was designing clothes and sneakers for a few years prior to swimming with canvases and spray paint fully. I always wondered how he chose his locations. This and other questions are answered below.

Protect Yo Heart messages can be found along the sidewalks of NYC and Jersey City. What made you choose these locations?

UncuttArt: Locations were picked based on where my energy took me. I was just on the road for 2 months spreading the good work of UnCasso, went to Maryland, then DC.. flew to LA, drove down to Vegas then back to LA then I flew to NY for this gig then I’m back out on the road.

You and your positive work have been subjected to some scrutiny and people saying that you’re destroying property. How do you combat that?

UncuttArt: Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. It’s wateva with me. My message is way bigger then a sidewalk that’s full of gum, cigarette butts and those wack a** marks those construction dudes be leaving on the ground in bright orange, red or black spay cans. I’m willing to go down for this because I’m not on these people’s levels. I’m worrying about saving our future and they’re worrying about me. I try to be very respectable about this but everybody's gonna have something to say when they don’t understand your moves. All I can say is, this is not for them and they don’t deserve my time. People like you do.

What does “423” stand for?

UncuttArt: Well, after I started putting out that quote that I made up years ago, one of my followers informed me to look into Proverb 4:23. Come to find out, the quote says ( Above all else, Guard your heart for everything you do comes from it) and that was my exact concept and it was in the Bible. So I saw that as a sign that I came up with the new version for our generation and I was convinced that the Universe is really speaking through me and I must spread the word that we all already know but seem to forget the importance because of our everyday lifestyle of trying to keep up with this physical life.

This movement has gained a lot of traction and attention. I know the message I get out of this.  What message are you trying to convey?

UncuttArt: Protecting Yo Heart simply means to be careful what you put in your Heart, from negative words, people, to negative feelings. You see, the heart is a self-contained organ like the rest of our wonderful body. The heart plays an important role in your physical & Spiritual (vibration) life. Physically, by making sure that clean blood is distributed through out the body and spiritually, allow you to freely give & accept love thru out the Universe. Now, the key is making sure we don’t interfere with that natural order. We don’t have to try to love because love is like air, it’s all over, a reminder to be mindful of what we allow in. You see, I just want everybody to realize that we share the same energy and that we are all one race. Whenever I leave a piece out there, I leave it with a piece of my positive energy that would attract another like minded energy who would stop, have a breather with themselves and leave a piece of their positive energy for the next person who needs it & the cycle keeps going, al this without anyone noticing the connection. Those pieces are out there to give the viewer that extra boost for the day, which will result in them passing the positive vibe on to anybody they come in contact with. See, the trick is I figure out that people are so lost that you can’t tell them to do a good thing for themselves. Nobody will listen if I tell them to wake up and be grateful and have a beautiful HAPPY DAY. No matter what happens, that will never work because people hate, actually always looking for reasons to be unhappy instead of reasons to be happy, no matter how small you may think they are. So, I had to figure out a way to subconsciously have people spread positive energy towards each other cause I believe we as a human race have a long way to go but I figured out how to play my part in the big scheme of things and as you can see, it is very affective...   ( The Anatha Chakra which is located at the center of the heart is where the true, divine, eternal and pure Self resides and that’s why it’s Important to protect that… ProtectYoHeart and everything in it… ( just make sure not to put the wrong thing in there and try to protect that because the result will be emotional pain.. PYH always.. ~Un.

You have created some other interesting pieces, such as your mixed media work involving Michael Jackson. What inspires you to create these kinds of pieces?

UncuttArt: Same reason, I need our people to start thinking correctly. I put that quote around MJ's art to show people how important we are to each other. The quote says. ( all these strange pieces came together to create this beautiful image, As Humans so can we... ) The art consist of a lot of different pieces that are all strange in shape and sizes, but they all are needed to complete that image. Now, the piece on the far right bottom may never meet or see that one piece on the top right but they are all connected through the other pieces in between and they all play an important part, same as humans and we have yet to realize that.

You did the Michael Jackson show about a month ago. What are your thoughts on how it went?

UncuttArt: I Thought it was great in a lot of ways but I don’t know if the street art world likes me. I think they are threatened a little because they see change coming and not everybody likes change. Nobody from the little NYC street art scene came to my show, none of the bloggers, artist, curators, nobody, only the people I was affiliated with and followers of my art on Instagram. I don’t get invited to do any walls for any of those mural curators. I actually don’t understand how little old me can’t get any love... my fans ask when will I do a mural in New York but I’m working on finding a wall myself.

Would you do it again?

UncuttArt: Yes, I actually want to do it every year for MJ's bday but in different states..

I’ve seen some of your work at the Down East Art Exhibit. What are your thoughts on exhibitions? Is this something you want to continue to be a part of?

UncuttArt: Nope... not a fan of all that, too much exhibits if you ask me. We need more art events that allow fans to interact and learn. Some people just see and do. I actually like to study and analyze things and make sure its’ a win-win situation for everybody. People jus want to expose me. I sell more art on my IG when I post art then I do at any exhibit. If I want sell art, I wouldn’t mind doing like 3 special themed out shows per year where I get to interact with the fans and allow them to interact with each other and if my art is being shown somewhere, I’m not too interested in being there. I’m a little finicky about people sometimes.

Where do you see your future in art?

UncuttArt: I will be the next Keith Haring, Basquiat, Banksy, Da Vinci all in one. My art will be in museums and I will travel the world spreading the kind of art & words that can help the world see things in the correct way

In 3 words, describe how you feel about art ...

UncuttArt: ART Change Lives... just came up with that cause it’s true

Do you have any upcoming shows?

UncuttArt: ART Basel and as far as projects, I just flew back to NY to do two 35ft murals at the MetLife Stadium. My biggest project yet and this is only my 2nd year

Anything you want to add?

UncuttArt: I also want & am already inspiring artist to use they're art to help move our people forward by creating the things that matter... like they say in every super hero movie, “With Great gifts, come Great responsibilities” and what’s good is a gift that you can share it with the world

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