Tray Pizzy Show em how to EAT

Tray Pizzy the young man with the fire red Mohawk, gages in his ears and tattoos is a well-known performer on all the indie Hip Hop NYC stages. He is Inspired not directly from music legends per- say but rather inventive visuals from the likes of Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes. He equates his sound to his life experiences and because of that has a catalogue of work that sounds like no one else. Tray Pizzy and his Broke & Trippy family go to every show, body it, and remind people why underground Hip Hop shows are more prevalent then radio. The BX Native has created quite a buzz with his first two mixtapes Green eggs & Spam, and Life II Trill. His latest EP The Truman Show from beginning to end offers up a generous amount of stories, melodies and ideologies but the sheer ingenuity is that weeks into listening to it, it still surprises me. 

The Truman show is a movie starring Jim Carrey an unknowing insurance salesman who finds out his entire life has been a T.V Show. Tray starts his tape off however with one of the most legendary monologues from Peter Finch’s character Howard Beale in the Classic Film The Network. The “I’m Mad as Hell” quote (Highly suggested read) is Howard’s dive off the deep end as he breaks the unwritten rule of gate-keeping in newscasts and shakes the viewers to the core with an honest discharge of the state of society. The juxtaposition was baffling when I first heard his mixtape. Tray’s EP is challenging his listeners to watch him do what he does and how he does it, but expect to see unfiltered honesty. 

“The Truman show is about a person that didn’t know their life was a show, basically I am taking that power away and I’m saying I know that my life is a show and I am going to give you the best show possible.” – Tray Pizzy

Blending the voyeuristic nature of The Truman show movie with the ideals from The Network is a heavy concept running through the EP. Exhibited in almost every song Tray challenges his listeners with raw, uncut lyrics cleverly weaved in puns and punch lines. #Smartmotherfucker

The conjecture of waiting for affirmations also comes into play in songs like Dreams of a Bomb. A literal rip of a classic funk flex cosign from the radio. Tray slays the 3 minute song with a verse scoffing at his naysayers while enlightening the listeners to his mission. His music may sound club friendly and it undoubtedly is but, his lyrical set up in 100% of his songs are keen and meditated. 

Songs like Belee Dat, My Borough and Oh No embody the Broke and Trippy Mantra with a raspy delivery from Tray spouting trials of the come up and what it’s taken to get where he is now. All heavily rhythmic songs that are inundating when performed live. Listening to them a couple times you hear his prowess and use of wordplay that some may miss first time around. The EP ends with in my eyes ones of the hardest tracks to date. Hold up is the reason Tray does what he does. From expressing personal grief to the honest admissions of his loved ones, he takes you on a play by play of what this music means to him and everyone around him. 

Get to know Tray Pizzy the Broke and Trippy front man and Creative mind.