Don't Panic: 5 Key Things to Remember When You Bump In To An Ex

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    With holiday season in full effect, and the world being as small as we sometimes hate it to be, chances are you might run in to some people you know at the next work holiday party you will crash or at Macy’s while shopping for grandma’s Christmas present. What if this person is your ex? *Cringe*.  Don’t panic and don’t run away. Here’s how to take charge of this awkward situation without crying or getting arrested.


1.       Be the Initiator of Conversation.

Confidence is key. This person is in your past for a reason therefore who cares if he finds you awkward by saying hi first.  Be a leader-lead the conversation. Inquire, smile, laugh and execute the elephant in the room by addressing him/her first. 

 Too sexy for this encounter right now...  via Giphy

Too sexy for this encounter right now... via Giphy

2.       Don’t Show Off.

While it is essential to be confident; over confidence will dampen your awesomeness in this situation. You will look like an idiot. Especially if this ex-lover is with their new victim-avoid this insolent attitude by making the encounter about them and focusing your attention. Save the hair flips for the group chat later, ladies.

 You will look dumb. Say no to over-confidence.  via Giphy

You will look dumb. Say no to over-confidence. via Giphy

3.       Phone a Friend.

As soon as you see an ex, text a bff, your mom, co-worker –anyone whom you trust and knows about the romantic fail. Talking about a current situation such as running in to your ex helps lessen the nerves. Not only will you appear more at ease but you will also have some sort of conscious support system reassuring your confidence at this moment of despair. Also, this can help you avoid the encounter all together if you are painfully shy. You are popular and don’t have the time of day to deal with exes.

 Like a good State Farm commercial agent, your bff is there! Call HIM/HER.

Like a good State Farm commercial agent, your bff is there! Call HIM/HER.


4.       Skip the Beef Soup

Displaying bitterness and resentment could lead to a fight. Avoid it. So what your childhood best friend is their new love interest and they are looking at matching onesies! You might feel the need to act on it-granted it’s a messed up situation, but this can lead to jail time, broken jaw, hospital bills and etc. Resort to tip # 3 if you feel a confrontation coming on-it’ll bring you back to where you need to be.

 Start beef and you are going to need it for the black eye you might get.

Start beef and you are going to need it for the black eye you might get.


5.       Be Happy.

 Via Giphy

Via Giphy

Acknowledge you made a conscious decision for this person to be your ex. Whether they broke up with you or not, you made the effort at some point to not have any contact with this person. Kudos! You took control of an unhappy situation and you lived to tell the story on how you did it. You living better now, Coogi sweater now-like the meme goes “Hey, remember that person you thought you couldn’t live without? Well Look at you living and sh** .”