#ProductOfTheWeek: Ocean Salt

The product of the week is a face/body scrub from Lush called “Ocean Salt”.  It is retailed at $36.99 for 8.8 oz. Trust me when I say that it will do wonders for your breakouts.  The sea salt exfoliates your skin while the avocado butter works to hydrate your skin leaving it feeling as soft as a baby’s.  Unlike some cleansers, this scrub smells amazing (literally smells like you’re at the beach), and it ONLY consists of natural ingredients.  That’s honestly the ultimate plus because it really isn’t healthy to use products made from harsh chemicals on your skin, let alone your face. Doing so may do your skin more harm than good and you’ll just end up breaking out more. That’s a no no! So, go cop one now (or ask to try it at your nearest location). It’s def something you need in your life! 


Watch the video below to see how this scrub is made!