A Glory Story: Jae Tips road to HYPEBEAST 2

...the difference I would want is peace, like peace of mind just for me to put music out and honestly feel good about it.  - JAETIPS

In the months after Jae Tips release of HYPEBEAST he followed up the record with videos and memorable performances. The ever-surmounting question began to arise again “What’s Next?” As an emcee born and bred in the crème de la crème of Hip Hop, NYC gives little to no room for an artist to grow without feeling the pressure of “making it”.  He fully admits that he has been susceptible to these pressures especially when it came to deciding about his follow up to HYPEBEAST:

I didn’t want to give that away I felt like that was one of the toughest things I had to deal with. I have put out projects before and I felt the pressures of coming up out of NYC feeling like you need to get blog placements and you need to be doing big shows you need to be, everything. I started to realize the more I started to check those things off that I felt like I needed, I felt I was losing a little bit with people. 

Music is the biggest anchor in ones success and Jae needed no help in making his music move throughout the city and beyond. When he chose to put out HYPEBEAST in 2014 with no marketing, PR or blogs to support he took a risk as an up and coming artist.  Quite literally word of mouth from the people who support his music garnered him the press, plays and feedback underground artists scramble for. He managed to move the EP fully off of his own channels and through his own voice.

Two years after HYPEBEAST Jae is back on the sound scope with his follow up EP HYPEBEAST 2. The process of making the second installment of was not only conceptually different in terms of production but he managed to engineer and master his entire project himself.

The difference between what I did from the first Hypebeast and this one is I basically just scrapped everything that I was accustomed to doing like musically going to the studio and paying for studio time. It became too much on me, having a son in-between trying to make Hypebeast and put it out it was hard. What I did was I invested in myself, I bought a home studio and I hit up Barnes & Noble, got some books, I read went on YouTube, and I learned how to do it myself.  I feel like Hypebeast 2 is how I wanted Hypebeast 1 to sound. I did everything myself, it is almost hard for me to put the stuff out now that I’ve dropped two videos and put out a couple singles.
It’s almost a glory story for me to because you know I think I hit a wall I feel until I was ready to take it to the next level and talk about putting out another mixtape. I reached out to the guy that was engineering me before for a little bit of help and he was going to help me finish the mixtape and then passed away.
It just made me go harder and fight through…and finish it myself.

On top of that artists are already invested when it comes to their lyrics but having full control of what a song sounds like is a whole new form of attachment to a record. Taking on the engineering process brings a new level of accomplishment and fear as he puts the project out.

Being able to have my hands on everything it’s a real different experience.

In the past he has been celebrated as an artist that truly makes music for him self. In turn it registers with the people who are fans of his work. This project means way more to Jae than anyone before and he is behind it as he says 300%.

You know when you put music out of course you see other artists have viral success or you see certain things that you may not like much get really great reception - just wondering if your taste level’s still going to be relevant. I don't know I guess I always made music that I really really genuinely like because it came from me it came directly from my heart. People always thought that about me but I guess when you are in your creative process sometimes you can't help but wonder if people are gonna dig this.

Nothing but genuine music is expected from Jae. As he continues to grow as an artist HYPEBEAST 2 will without a doubt be riddled with storytelling and amazing music.  The EP with no features - 100% Jae will hopefully afford him the opportunity to take in his work for the first time as opposed to his first installment of HYPEBEAST.

I guess the difference I would want is peace, like peace of mind just for me to put music out and honestly feel good about it.  For a long time I set my goals for myself so high that even compliments or things kinda really don't impress me because I've seen them from a distance and I feel like this is what it was supposed to be so I have never really been able to soak in the limelight. Putting out hype beast 2 I really really just want to feel like I can pat myself on the back.
You know when people tell me something is legendary or they really like something I've always felt like this is still not where I needed to be. You know hopefully tomorrow if I can just take a deep breath and just say wow Thank you - to myself.

We hope you took a deep breath Jae you deserve it. Listen to Jae’s Glory Story better known as HYPE BEAST 2


Check out the video for his first single BE GREAT Directed by Jaison Blackrose