Flash Page Winner : LurkW$rk

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"I started high school three days late, it was the only elective left."

The ADDMAG team is always looking to support and highlight our generation’s creative community. So we decided to have a flash page contest and how we came into contact with our first winner is still a thing of amazement. Thanks to social media we got a submission from a young man with an eye for photography.

He goes by the alias LurkW$rk, a west coast native with a flair for eye catching scenery that is as tantalizing as it is suggestive. He submitted on a whim and we were immediately intrigued by his portfolio.  Candid shots and meticulously plotted moments were blended effortlessly in his work. He made a photo look like he caught a moment rather than created it. Lust, humor, music, objectification, dark imagery and the human body are all some of Lurks conceptual focuses.

This Las Vegas native was immediately the stand out submission from the group and when we inquired about more of his work, the more we realized we made the right choice. Our flash page is our doorbell to the “turtle box of a home” we refer to as ADDMAG. Scrolling through Lurk’s different conceptual shoots we heard that symbolic “Ding Dong”.

Get to know our Flash Page winner!


Name: "Devon Norwood aka D-Mob aka Lurks:"

Place of residence: "North Las Vegas, NV"

Years as a photographer: "10"

Age: "I’m 23 (8/17/89)"

School: "Mojave High School (4 years of photography)"

Why you got into photography: "I started high school three days late; it was the only elective left."

What you hope to achieve: "Anonymous Recognition; i.e.: Banksy"

Proudest moment to date: "it's a tie between the completion of my first short film (Photogenicide 2) & my first gallery."

Biggest art influences (or influences in general): "As far as people, my peers/audience are a huge influence. Terry Richardson, Mike Dowson is in there, also skateboarding and my city, Sin City."

My Favorite photo/concept: "As far as personal projects is photogenicide 1 and my favorite work for a client is Trade Voorhees' Anything video."

My favorite subject/model:  "Is probably Ashlay Cashlay at the moment."

Dream Job: "This is my dream job lol…if I can do this and make enough money to support myself for the rest of my life I’d be good."

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