Photographer of the Week: Stephen Crosson

Some hobbies have a hand in shaping a role in your life. “I grew up around cinematography and photography since my dad was into both growing up.” Stephen Crosson did not decide to become a photographer. His exposure to this field early on in life helped to pave the way to where he is now.

Prior to getting his DSLR in 2010, he worked with different point and shoot cameras. Before that, it was a Fujifilm FinePix camera (which he wasn’t a fan of) His line of work includes landscape,  portraits and weddings. Currently based out of Detroit, Michigan, Stephen creates work that’s not only captivating but unique in style with each of his shots offering a different story. The hardest part of photography for him is not falling into the starving artist category while continually getting paid work. “Being in Detroit, there's hundreds of talented photographers. The market is pretty saturated and within any market, you have to stand out for a project or work in general.”

Meet Stephen (crossoniam)

Years in the game: Roughly 7+ years.

Weapon of choice: 24-105mm or 50mm

Favorite lens: Though I don't have it, the 24-70mm just because of the f2.8.

Where were you when you took your first shot: With my first DSLR, I was sitting in my bedroom I believe haha. I looked out the window and shot the trash cans on the corner of the driveway with a 75-300mm telephoto. I'm pretty sure I can find that picture on one of my external hard drives.


Highlight of your career so far: It's kinda hard to pick a highlight. It could be my first completed solo wedding, or hearing an international brand say they loved the work I and a model did for them and will send us more work.

Favorite project you’ve worked on: Super hard to decide. Nothing necessarily stands out as my favorite project though I have a lot of favorite images from different projects. If I have to decide one, it'll be a wedding that I shot inside the Scarab Club in Detroit's Midtown. It was a pretty small and elegant affair. I shot the pictures in a way that was different for me and it definitely reflected that in the images.

Who is your favorite shooter: The first person that came to mind is a good friend of mine, Stephanie Hume (@steph_rhoades on Instagram). Her eye is like none other. It's like every image she puts out or shows me I'm internally or expressively in awe.

Describe your journey as a photographer in three words: Creativity never rests

What’s your motivation: Aiming to see what next I can create or be a part of is what drives me. I'm one of those people who will stay around or stay up late even if I'm dead tired just because I know something can always happen at any given moment. I've had numerous unforgettable experiences just from staying around while I'm out exploring in the city.

Anything you'd like to add: I always aim to inspire people with photography. For photographers, I want people to push beyond what they know. Don't get stuck in the same mold just because it "works". Every photo taken is a different photo or project is different so editing should reflect that. Some choose to slap a preset on a photo and be done. That's fine but in order to be truly proud of your work, spend more time on it and you'll cherish it. For models, I aim to show that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. More importantly, that beholder should be yourself first and foremost. Confidence does not equate to cockiness or arrogance but affirmation in knowing something about yourself. For those who admire my work in general, I just want them to use me as an example to pursue the things they've wanted to do whether it be anything in creative arts or a career or any other hobby. Just go for it. I'd rather fail knowing I attempted something than wondering if I could have done it or not.

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