Superfine! The Art Fair That Doesn't Want To Hurt Your Pockets

Superfine! held their art fair in New York City for the first time in the heart of the Meatpacking District. 

Upon entering, the attendees were greeted and given a floor plan that helped maneuver through the space. This fair may cause a serious shift in how art dealings take place in the near future. The space was covered wall to wall with artwork, each piece telling a different story from Brian Leo using both political and real life references in his pieces to William Snyder using roosters as a symbolism of a new day. There were a few prints displayed including Hui Shen's photography that reflected China's one child rule and the effects of loneliness.

There were pieces that took a trip down memory lane such as some of Abraham Mascoro's Star Wars work and some from artists that stepped out of the box such was Candace Compton Pappas's who created her own canvases. Once she figured out how to make them, it didn't take long to make. The amount of time spent putting everything together for the fair varied from person to person. There were a few galleries that displayed more interactive booths such as UX art gallery Arti.NYC with their installation that gave the pieces life-like effects. 

There were a few interesting booths including Daria Sandburg's baggage claim project. She carries well over 100 people's baggage in her suitcase. She also carries a dream box where people put their dreams. 

Superfine! ran from 5/4-5/7/17. The fair had a full schedule which included collectors' first look, an opening kickoff party, ice cream social and discussions on buying and selling art in a digital world. Superfine! NYC exhibitors will be on the fair's online E-Fair, which stays live until early June so you still have time to purchase pieces you like. They are helping with building an affordable bridge between those that create artwork and those that love it, making the space as interactive and mutually beneficial as possible.

The next fair will be held at Miami Art Week from December 7-10. Artists can apply to exhibit. Live through the fair in the photos below.

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