Put your napkin on your lap and pass the bread, sit at the table for some more Good Food

In my time getting to know Good Food it is unquestionable his love for properly timed audio samples and acronyms. The Paterson New Jersey native lo-fi supersonic blend of hinted base and wavelike melodies was introduced to me at the inception of Beat Crew Freq Show. He along with his constituents riddle the NJ area with integrated art and music experiences that catapult their sounds into other worldly places. Good Food an integral part of that experience started his music journey a couple of years ago. He hit our eardrums with his debut project C.R.U.M.B.S in 2013. Intrinsically it was a nod to his self-proclaimed foodie-dum and a well-placed Crumbs bakery after an Action Bronson show. The Ep was a well-designed menu of delectable sounds, zaps and moods created by Good Food punctuated with humorous audio samples.

He heralds the fact that his music is more than loosies and singles. Every mix and project is deliberate with meaning and complexities. He isn’t a classically trained musician admitting to being able to tinker around with a guitar but utilizes reason and well mined samples. As a producer he has a very foundational form of construction. His music is in essence a build up to a singular tone or thought all explained within the layered sounds. He displays that quite effortlessly in his soon to be trilogy of fighter inspired EP’s. 

The first being Kehd Dynamite an entire Ep inspired by Mike Tyson and Blood Sport a sonic attribute to raps boorish and ruthless lyrical core is soon to be followed up with the Dusty Rhodes EP. While it is still a well-kept secret Good Food has an ear that conceptually shifts and highlights a different aspect in his music making abilities. Dusty Roads will be no different and will more than likely offer new complexities to his ever growing pallet of composition. What’s next for Good Food is up in the air. He notes that anything he’s thought of doing up until this point he has already blown past. Other than working on music playing in other cities going along with the ride has been serving him well. Put your napkin on your lap and pass the bread, sit at the table for some more Good Food:


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