Photographer of the week analdo_jr


From fashion portraits to highlighting the lines of the human body, Carlos Analdo Noble has an eye for simplistic beauty in his photos. The Jersey native tussled with his fine arts major all the while he had a general and natural acquaintance to photography. One class in black and white photography and it was all that it took for him to fall in love with the craft.

Meet Carlos better known as analdo_jr

Age 27

 Hometown: Teaneck, NJ

 Weapon of mass creation: Nikon D610 accompanied by 35mm 1.4 or I use the 85mm 1.8

Do you remember your first photo: Umm i have to say the first photo I took was with my dad’s old Minolta film camera. it was probably a picture of my mom holding her hand up to the lens trying to cover her face. I still have yet to get a clear shot of her.

 How did you get into photography: To be honest, I didn’t make the choice to really take photography seriously until my second year of college. I originally applied with a major in Fine Arts. I tried a few course that I always asked myself in class “Can you do this for the rest of your life? “or “If your boss ask to do a project in this subject can you complete it no matter the subject?" . A little extreme, but I needed to convince myself whether or not I should even waste my time with this course before deadline to switch. So after trying illustration, painting, pottery, and drafting I took a Black and white film photography course. My Professor was Mr. Tony Velez, and I never looked back.

 Do you have any photographers(Artists) that influences you: Mario Testino, Tony Richardson, Dan Winters, Zhang Jinga, and Joe McNally. But those closer to home for me Aris Jerome, Justin Bridges, Marilyn Hue, Shamayim, Tayo Ola, Marc Hayden ,Grayson Laffenburger, Stan Chan. I mean I could go on and on about masters in this craft.

 Proudest moment: Proudest moment so far…not sure I’ve had that yet. I still believe I’m not where i need to be as a photographer. Yes, I know that I’m better than I was last year at the same point but I still know there so much more I need to do.

The shot you wish you could’ve taken and the shot you’re hoping you can take one day:The shot I wish took that portrait of President Obama that Terry Richardson took back in 2013. I still need to take the shot that puts me in the “Do you have any one you look up to?” category.

 What is something you are struggling with: The Business side “Dark side”. Photography is literally the most exciting thing I’ve ever committed myself to doing, but it aint cheap. So learning how to sell your craft and market yourself is what we as photographer forget to learn. Like i said before, I’m better than I was at this point last year, but I still have a long way to go.

 You take snaps of moments, of people/things. Photographers capture their perception of beauty. If you could what do you define as beauty?: My definition of beauty is to capture a person’s raw moments and perfect it. Whoever the subject is or is about I need to make the view stop what they’re doing and be a witness to what I’ve seen. The expression, the clothing, the body, the eyes, the moment all needs to be seen.