Eyebrows 101 - Anastasia

“I be all up in my feelings for like an hour, then I think of more important things like… my eyebrows.”

Could that quote be any more true?! There is no excuse on how much your brow game should be on point. Taking care of your eyebrows is not only hygienic, but ultimately can change the look of your entire face. I feel like a brand new woman when I get mine done! I walk out the salon literally with a whole new perspective on life. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but still. Whether it’s threading, waxing, or plucking…those babies need to be tamed!

Now, let’s be honest. Sometimes, brows need a little magic. I commend all my Hunnies that have naturally, beautiful thick eyebrows. They do not really need to add the magic of filling in and shaping with brow products. As for myself and many other women, I need all that magic sprinkled in. Eyebrows are an everyday ritual for me, so when I don’t have them filled in... I feel naked. I have eyebrows that are way too thin for my round and big head. (Shout out to all the big heads out there, I got you!) So, filling them in actually creates more definition and balance for my face. Most women are hesitant to fill in eyebrows because of the fear of it being overbearingly dark. I get it- no one wants to look like they have eyebrows drawn in with a marker. To avoid that, you have to invest in products that are actually amazing for your eyebrows. Eyebrow Products from Milani, Clinique to Benefit… I have tried it all. However, no brand has satisfied my eyebrows the way that Anastasia does. If you haven’t heard of Anastasia… prepare to fall in love. Listed below are the 3 must haves from the brow collection. 

1.     Brow Wiz: This is a retractable brow pencil that is very easy to use. It’s good for beginners with over tweezed or sparse eyebrows. It gives you a natural all day wear. Ideal for beginners in the eyebrow game. Brow wiz comes in over 9 shades.  ($21) 

2.     Brow Powder Duo: If you don’t want drastic shape to your brows, stick to the powder duo. It is lightweight and gives sheer to medium coverage. It comes in two shades to ensure even coverage. Be advised that you will need a flat angled brush to use the powder duo. ($23) 

3.     Dipbrow: This is by far my favorite product from the collection. It’s a creamy product that glides on very smoothly onto skin and hair. It is an all in one brow product that is smudge free and waterproof. It’s perfect for hot days, especially when the last thing you ever need in life is melting eyebrows. #notaboutthatlife ($18)


-Don’t arch the shape of your eyebrows too high. You will look surprised or angry all the time. #dontbethatgirl

-Do not fill them in too dark. Go a shade lighter than your hair color. The goal is to have your eyebrows looking au natural and not drawn in with a marker. 

-Lastly, use a highlighter pencil or even concealer under the brows to accentuate them more. 

Once you’ve mastered the way you prefer your eyebrows to look, you can excel and combine the Anastasia brow products together. Take it one baby step at a time. Experiment and see what makes you feel comfortable. Nothing is a greater compliment than someone saying “your eyebrows are on point.” TRUST ME.  It really makes my day. Hope this helped my fellow Hunnies out there with their brow game