Downtown LA's Art Haven

Before making it to the inside portion of The Container Yard, you are welcomed by a series of murals including a piece close to the entrance by Tristan Eaton. The Container Yard is a 60,000 SQ FT creative hub that visually greets you with the gems that were created there including a mermaid by Tati Suarez. Translated in my mind, that’s a lot of space for some trippy murals. It’s located in the heart of the Arts District in Los Angeles, California surrounded by some vivid murals in the area.  The conceptualization of this space helps to bridge the gap of the views of street art, definitely giving it a more positive perspective.

After you make it through your initial greeting, you can grab a bite to eat at Sticky Rice or in my case, a few packs of HI-CHEW. Once you make your way up the platform, you can get a sneak peak into the pieces  along the wall at THE BASE LA if you don’t get distracted by the soccer game taking place. A few feet away is another space with more murals including work from Ricky Watts and Vogue TDK. Overall, this landscape is filled with colors and patterns that keep you entertained and even inspire some impromptu photo shoots. Check out some of the pieces I came across below.

Instagram: thecontaineryard

Twitter: tcydtla

*UPDATE: The Container Yard will be closing to the public on a daily basis. The BASE LA and Sticky Rice will also be shutting down during the changes The Container Yard will be going through to prep for weekly events.