Jae tips may have the best EP series in NYC

The New York Native, emcee and ADD alumni better known as Jae tips recently dropped his third installment of the HYPEBEAST series. The Series in itself has irrefutably become a timeline of his progression as a wordsmith and artist.  While the EP still has a charming NYC flair with muted horns, quick paced downbeats and warm tones it is definitely a representation of Jae tips prowess.

Records like My City featuring Pyro Traxx and Old Chick featuring Phil Walker are easily summer classics.  The real highlights of EP come into play when you listen to tracks like Godfather, Insecure, Gotta Go Now and Proceed ft. Tina Yao. While Tips has always been a rather candid artist his honesty is much more potent this time around. He outlines life’s pauses of sheer tragedy and fear so eloquently and still has metaphors peppered throughout to make the concepts relatable. It is an intelligent project.

In true Jae fashion he slipped a lyrical dagger into the EP with the track Cancelled Christmas. It’s seething with the nastiest bars that scurry up your spine until your face curls up in disgust. Yes people BARS ON BARS ON BARS.

Listen to Hypebeast 3 if you don’t believe me.