Why David Bowie’s music plays a humongous role in Hip Hop

David Bowie passed away January 10th after an 18 month battle with cancer.  The Singer/songwriter and let’s just be frank… Rock fucking God was also the primary musical strain to some of Hip Hop’s best music.

Public Enemy sampled David Bowies FAME for the song Night of the living Base heads produced by Hank ShockleeChuck Dand Eric "Vietnam" Sadler.

Jay-Z’s Takeover produced by none other Kanye West also samples Bowie’s epic song FAME. Arguably one of Jay-Z’s best off that EP.

Vanilla Ice sampled Under Pressure by Queen featuring David Bowie for his single Ice Ice baby and pretty much made his entire career.

Puff Daddy sampled Bowie’s Let’s Dance record for Been around the World featuring Mase and Biggie in 1997.  That ushered in the Bad Boy luxurious sound and all white outfits with gold chains and sunglasses being worn indoors. (my favorite rap era…Harlem shakes & Diddy Bops)

J Dilla ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCERS TO WALK THE PLANET…even sampled Bowie’s song Soul Love in his record Take Notice featuring Guilty Simpson off the Rough Draft EP. 

Rest in Power David Bowie <3