Jae Tips...."He forever on some fly shit"

Jae Tips lead up to his tape HYPEBEAST was met with a bunch of support from listeners and fellow rappers. Mixed in with a couple pre-sale posts for the Air Jordan black infared 6's [lol], the shoe lover and lyricist sneakily dropped the tape early Monday morning.

The EP mostly produced by Rubirosa and Bigbankdizz, is basically Jae going ape on every track. He opted for very few features this time around. Appearances from fellow lyricists Ty Hickson on newly released single Kobe Years and Tray Pizzy on the song Broken glass amongst others graced this mixtape. Nonetheless Jae flex's his capabilities and pummels each track with sly wording. The tape to sum it up, is Jae highlighting his tenacity to continue on in music, fashion and his love of fatherhood. There's even and ode to shoes....fitting to say the least. 

In short great tape from beginning to end.