What Will Be The Fate of The Wu-Tang Clans Mysterious Album?

      The most hated  man in America (I mean if even Trump hates you, hands-down you are the most hated) Martin Shkreli bought was he calls "a seat at the Hip-Hop table" this past November when he purchased the highly enigmatic, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin . With his initial popularity as the purchaser of the one copy in existence of The Wu-Tang Clan's 7th studio album for a whopping $2m, Martin was at the forefront of an audience he sought acceptance from, curious to see what he would do with such rare art. Unbeknownst to him, a few days after having his sought-after audience  right where he wanted them, Shkreli was arrested on security fraud charges. So with Pharma Bro behind bars, everyone wanted to know-Will we ever get to hear Wu-Tang Clan’s exclusive af, studio album Once Upon A time in Shaolin? Insert crying emoji here.

     With only one copy in the world and with a hefty price tag of “The Highest Bidder” many rap fans hoped the piece would never sell, but it did and seemingly the precious art landed in the wrong hands. Martin, apart from conducting Ponzi-like schemes on Wall Street, was also  the price gouger of a lifesaving AIDS drug essential to many Americans of all ages, including babies.  Never mind raising the prices of an essential medicine which affects the millions; he was arrested for allegedly stealing from other rich CEO’s like himself.  Past tense because Martin has posted his bail, set at $1 million. Any who,  putting two and two together, one would think properties of this “spoiled brat” would be seized by the Securities and Exchange Commission or by the FBI for the allegations of fraud! Wrong-in a statement released by the spokesperson of the FBI; Kelly Langmesser stated the precious album was not collected. In fact, it might even take a while if the album is to be seized at all. The FBI would have to prove the historical rap artifact was purchased with “dirty money”.  And if it was, then Martin would lose ownership of the album and then who knows...but one thing would be for sure, the Feds would then own Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Insert crying emoji here, again.

                But a very curious conspiracy theory resulted on twitter when the RZA posted:

bill murray rza.png

And the conspiracy is as follows:

      A clause in the signed sale contract between the Wu and Shkreli would allow for an original Wu member to steal back the album or Bill Murray. Hoax or na? With Pharma boy out in the mean streets of Mid-town, who knows what the brazen and radical 32 will do next to keep his “seat at the Hip-Hop” table.