Makeup is expensive…VERY expensive. 

You can spend $100 at Sephora and ONLY walk out with like two things. If you’re a fellow makeup lover and want to cut your expenses in half, here are some drug store dupes that you need in your life.

I have been using Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara for FOREVER now.  I usually buy a new tube every 3-4 months.  This has been my go to mascara ever since I first tried it five years ago.  I have been so loyal to this mascara but something drastic happened this month.  As I was closing the tube, it slipped out of my hand AND FELL IN THE TOILET.  I’m surprised tears didn’t come out of my eyes.  As I rushed to and was ready to spend $24 on a new one, I mentally slapped myself and was like NOOOO…go to Rite Aid and try something else. My BFF had recommended Maybelline’s “Great Lash”, and I decided to give it a try.  I saved roughly around $20 with this decision.  Its pricing differs depending on where you buy it, but it usually costs less than five bucks.  I actually liked this mascara a lot because the fibers of the brush were similar to Benefit’s.  The mascara didn’t clump my lashes, and it did its job.  I really couldn’t find a huge difference between the two and was satisfied with my purchase. Dear Benefit, sorry for cheating!

I despise going out at night without wearing a pair of falsies. I wasn’t blessed with naturally long lashes.  Makeup stores and IG online stores are filled with falsies that are pretty pricey.  I remember buying a pair from Sephora thinking what the hell did I just do.  I honestly tend to prefer drug store falsies more than pricier brands because they get messy after one or two wears, so why am I going to spend so much on something that I’m gonna end up throwing out when the night is over.  My go to lashes are Ardell because they’re so cheap and you can get them almost anywhere. They’re usually about $5. “Babies” and “Baby Wispies” are my FAVES! They do its job without looking too dramatic.  I’ve tried Giselle by Huda Beauty, retail priced at $18, and I noticed that whenever I get pricier lashes they don’t fit my eyes.  I always have to cut the strip.  Even after cutting the strip, the lashes itself are too long for my eye shape.  So, Ardell you got me on lock right now. 

Another dupe you need in your life is Garnier’s makeup remover wipes. I don’t use wipes from Sephora or Ulta, etc. because I’m in love with these.  It crushes my soul just a little bit when I go to the store to re-up and they’re sold out and I have to settle for Neutrogena (No offense, Neutrogena).  These wipes smell great and I only need one to take all my makeup off (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, contour, bronzer ETC, so one does a lot).  I used them once to clean face powder off my white pants. That makes them multipurpose wipes if you ask me.  They’re retailed at $4.79 compared to Sephora’s cleansing wipes which are retailed at $9.50.

I hope these drug store dupes saves you some serious cash! Be smart and #savethemonies.