Beat Haus Records first signee Ewonee (check the rhyme) released his first feature EP  entitled Radiance. It opens with lulls in layered harmonies coupled with deceptively tinkered beeps and natural sounds. While Ewonee is well known for a lo-fi finish on his music the 22 year old switches it up and brings a new twist to his ambient sound. Along with the natural ability he has to partner solemn and deft tones with rhythmic and dynamic drum patterns.

The sound chef has also included natural sound elements and classic instruments. Tracks like 1.10 and 12.24[lude] open with a looming and deep melody as small tinkering sounds fade in which in turn usher in the playful beep and bop sounds that are sprinkled throughout the Ep.  In Conjunction you hear a more prominent presence of classical strings songs like Todai. A standout track is Tribes+ a darker more aggressive song that utilizes a staccato drum pattern that eventually falls off into a sweet and soft melody. He has a humor within his music like small pauses of zaps and echoed cylinder bellows – even down to the titling of some of the songs with the double ee. You continually hear something new and feel something different from one song to the next.

It is an illustrious and complex collection of music but a delicate and easy listen. As masterfully effortless as the Album sounds the detailed flutters and waves of harmonies are a great indication of Ewonee’s true musical ear. He is proving to be a young man with a unique perspective and one to watch.

Check out the full EP below and to learn more about Ewonee and Beat Haus Records watch their sit down here