Profile on Mike from Colorado

 Mike McPuff x Ivan Perez

Mike McPuff x Ivan Perez

Mike McPuff comes in from Fort Collins, Colorado. His work is like a modern day viewing of AAAHH! Real Monsters (the Nickelodeon cartoon). The usage of colors and different aesthetics this talented artist  assigns to each piece would fit greatly with underground themed cartoons.

He has been into art since he was a kid. He started out making little comics. His favorite part of being an artist is being able to create new things that have never been seen. He realized that art was something that he really wanted to do when he saw that he was willing to risk his freedom for his art.  It mad him realize that art was something that he was going to be dedicated to forever. He’s still into art because he finds it fun. Art brings him fun and on some occasions, money.  He defines good art as anything that causes someone to think in a non-typical or new way. 

What was your first introduction to art?

I did art as a young child but it wasn't until I met graffiti artists that I discovered how to really push my style.

As an artist, what inspires you?

Life, Death, Ecstatic Experience, Good, Bad, and everything in between.

What major projects have you worked on?

Right now, I’m working on creating some new clothing maybe bucket hats, and full print socks. I would say my coloring book is the biggest project I’ve done by myself.

Where do you see your future in art?

Making clothing, album covers, flyers, etc. still grinding hard as day one.

What would you describe as a good work of art?

Something that is profound, and captures an emotion or moment in life.

Is there a specific project that you would like to work on?

More mixtape covers and I really want to start doing murals.

Why are you still into art?

Because its fun. Period.

Instagram: mikemcpuff