This new AIAIAI store is Basic AF

 Images via PSFK

Images via PSFK

The Danish Audio design company AIAIAI  opted for a flagship store that was “Anti-Design.” The premise was it will place more emphasis on the product. No shade - even though my title was a little shady but it’s a smart idea.

Plus the store has a new wave and chic look to it and can be easily manipulated and customized to showcase their product. (Win-Win)



Borg Brückner  is the designer and simplicity enthusiast judging from his website. As mute as the store may be it has an “ah-ha moment.”  The store cleverly goes with the new TMA-2 headphones that are simple and you guessed it….extremely customizable. (Insert ah-ha moment here)

AIAIAI can’t even front you hella cute…..<3