Duality, Happiness & Unstudied flows : Angelo Mota and The Good Life

There is a lot to be said when phonically you hear Angelo Mota's cynical and cycle like flow pattern. He wraps his concept in cleverly hidden puns that require the listener to stay completely in tune. Miss a word, miss an entire meaning. The young man hailing from baltimore but raised in Jersey managed to prove his skill with the well - received release of his first single Jersey/Mexico. It garnered him a spot in former collective Sticks & Stones and most importantly led to his first official EP The Good Life

Topically you'd listen to the record and maybe process half of what he is saying. He has a spitfire delivery that jabs a concept, feeling or moment in several different examples that never fully come to fruition until the end. At just 19 and admittedly not a rapper who studied other rappers, it beckons you to question. How the hell do you rap like this?

He answered simply "it's kind of how it just comes out...Most of the time when I write it I go back and i tweak it to make it fuck people up."  

Mind blown to say the least. He has a sick use of wordplay and it is inspiring to hear in such a budding artist. Each song off The Good Life from the intro (which will floor you) to Drunk was authentic. Second single  Oceans hands down one of the most honest admissions of self pressure and the struggle for success. Even the track Did it embraced the "Fuck You I'm here" vigor that the freshmen release usually has but not like anything you've probably heard.  He pulled from his cavalier of life experiences and laid it out for each listener to take and translate on their own behalf. Having the opportunity to finally chop it up with Angelo only affirms that he is not just a rapper but someone who can get a message across. It is a jarring delivery (which he prefers) because as he says: 

" My goal when i write music, when I speak, when i carry myself is to make people question and kind of make them uncomfortable in that sense because it will challenge what you think is the correct way to think" 

Yea take that in. He's 19 

He hopes to take what he's learned and forge a new path with his next EP Crystal Avenue. He understands that his music needs to really be listened to. He hopes to make his listeners new and old uncomfortable and to unite them under a message. He aims to have his next Ep ready for June and we can't wait. 

Take a peek into the mainframe of Angelo Mota and an exclusive acapella performance of Rap Interlude. #LEAK

Acapella of Rap Interlude