Do's and Don'ts for NYE 2015

     There so much pressure to have an awesome night on NYE and sometimes a friendly reminder helps ease the tension. Essentially, it's simply another day to celebrate a new day and a way to milestone of society/humanity. A pagan holiday? Maybe, but we all experience and we all are affected by the change into a new year. Make it memorable. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for NYE 2016.


1)      Do Pop A Champagne Bottle


Does not have to be Dom Perrignon but a bottle or two of Verdi can set the celebratory mood. Did someone say champagne shower? 


2)      Don’t do Olive Garden at Times Square for $400


Seriously, breadsticks are not included in the outrageous price.


3)      Do have a designated driver


Uber surges went up to 6x in NYC and 8.9x in Orlando for NYE 2014. Unethical by some means, but hey not a big deal this isn't like a life saving drug or anything. Driving inebriated is not worth it folks so get chummy with a real one. If not, get your Uber ride before 12:29 AM, when it's said is the ideal time for lower rates on NYE.


4)      Do Alternate  Alcoholic Beverages with Water


This will help you avoid the most popular activity on Jan 1st, curing a hangover. Or you can reserve a spot at The Hangover Club- which is basically an IV which is believed to cure your hangover in 30 minutes.


5)      Do Dress Up

 You will never be in this moment again. Make every moment count.