How the Game sums up the fued between Meek Mill & 50 cent

The not-so Meek Mill put out a snippet from a song entitled "Gave Em Hope" which unfortunately for him threw jabs at 50 cent. As the days went on 50 Cent took to instagram to "respond" to shit head's...I mean Meek Mill's diss. While the petty argument resulted in some humorous memes the situation didn't seem to get any better and became less about rap as the days went on. Meek Mill's shifted his focus eventually when a viral tweet asking the rappers to stop going at each other and help out with the water crisis in Flint caught his attention. 

To some extent that was a noble move on Meek's behalf and in an ideal world 50 cent would've succumbed to shelving the pointless argument. BUTTTTT THAT"S NOT THE CASE. As  the man who relentlessly roasted Ja Rule and Rick Ross, 50 continued to throw shade over instagram at Meek. 

As we all have become somewhat weary over beef in Hip Hop considering how volatile it can and has become - the beef between these two rappers could easily progress in a fashion that no one wants it to. The Game took to instagram to comment and remind folks of this phenomenon in music and what beef was before it became a petty argument. As he is no stranger to the tour de force that is 50 Cent "HipHop Beef" he is one of the few (if not the only) rappers to say a peep about the situation so far.

As trivial as it may come across to some in today's society his words are something to take heed of. Hip Hop heads and people of  older generations have seen the difference in music and how it is handled in the internet age.  With the loss of Biggie & Tupac it is something that always sits in the back of ones mind when situations like 50 & Meek happen. On another note that only beckons more applause for Drake's decision to handle Meek's jabs last year by taking it off of social media and putting it into music. (sorry Meek) Nonetheless The Game pretty much implodes the entire argument and sums it up completely. 

So, this is what it's come to these days ??? Outside of 2pac & B.I.G. dying because their beef got out of control due to the media blowing it out of proportion & us as people adding fuel to the fire with the whole East Coast/West Coast bullshit.... Hip hop beefs were healthy & consisted of rap battles between dope M.C.'s like the legendary KRS-One & Busy Bee beef, the Nas & Jay-Z beef, The Real Roxanne & Roxanne Shante beef, the Ice Cube & N.W.A. Beef, Bone Thugs & The Dogg Pound beef, G-Unit & Murder Inc, shit even me & 50's beef & the list goes on.... Back when your whole neighborhood & city got behind you & supported you..... But now, so much of this bullshit going around, it's even hard for me not to get sucked into this social media way of beefing.... & even though some of these memes be funny as fuck..... Why do they determine who won a rap beef ??? WTF happened to REAL hip hop & the classic way of handling rap feuds ??? Never thought I'd see the day when rap beefs were won over iPhone apps & shit. We went from learning from & respecting the O.G.'s to learning from & depending on I.G.'s lol.... Rap all fucked up & niggas is gettin more weird in this shit as the followers pile up..... But hey, since we fightin wit emoji's these days... Thought I'd end my rant with mine 🎮 <------ now go flood baller alert or shade room wit it when they post this cause that's what it boils down to these days 💯 #KeyboardKillas ---> 💻 #Ethyr #TheBridgeIsOver #TakeOver #Wanksta #NoVaseline #HitEmUp #300Bars to name a few.... #WillTheRealMCsPleaseStandUp

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